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BRICS Considers a global Stablecoin

Zimbabwe launched the gold-backed currency

HSBC Launched Gold Tokens in Hong Kong

Philadelphia FED researchers suggest gold standard

Wisconsin ends sound money taxes

US Debt Relief: Creditor Law Group Wipes Out $1B+

BRICS currency officially announced

Supreme Court could hit the tax system

Russian MF proposed an independent financial system for BRICS

Donald Trump hints the gold standard again

Russia to test payments in digital currencies

US Rep Calls for Abolishing Income Tax

United States and China are seeking debt relief measures

Russia invites Iraq to join BRICS

Zimbabwe to back its currency with gold

Russia is promoting its SWIFT-like system

Australian PM plans tax cuts

Five countries officially joined BRICS

Audit the Fed bill reintroduced

BRICS Adopts Digital Economy

The Defund Davos Act

Donald Trump is against CBDCs

Ramaswamy supports Trump and commodity-backed currency

Basel III endgame strikes the Federal Reserve

Stellar reveals Financial Inclusion report

Trump predicts a market crash in the next 12 months

Putin vows development, security and a strong monetary system

Iran is interested in a unified currency with BRICS

BRICS tested Hack-proof quantum communication link

Merry Christmas to our community!

First-ever cross-border settlement for precious metals

Trump vows tax cuts and debt relief

Putin vows a fair world order after next BRICS summit

Somalia secured the debt relief from IMF and World Bank

Putin: Western banking system to end

Gold Standard hinted by the US Debt Clock

FED explores XRP For Instant Settlements

Huge call for debt relief at COP28

Iraq is working on the equal deal

De-dollarization movement started

FED takeover hinted by the US Debt Clock

The largest-ever BRICS summit

Digital ruble in cooperation with the UAE

CBI resumes sale of gold coins and bars

Digital Yuan for Cross-Border payments launched

BRICS trade has grown remarkably

HSBC introduces tokenized gold platform

BRICS Currency is imminent

Iraq focuses on BRICS

BRICS Launches BRICS Pay System

China is closer to the gold standard

Malaysia is exploring the adoption of the gold dinar

Iraq, one more brick to GESARA

World Bank is urging debt relief

G-24 calls for debt relief for developing countries

Zimbabwe introduces a new gold-backed digital currency

The appeal of safe haven assets to increase

Brazil is pushing to reform the World Bank and the IMF

BRICS planning SWIFT competitor

Argentina abolishes income tax

Russia-Turkey Switching to National Currencies statement

BRICS to promote the monetary reset

New financial order supported by South Africa

BRICS quantum tech partnership

Debts forgiveness and peace at the Russia-Africa summit

The digital ruble test will begin in August

MOEX to launch Ruble priced gold July

20 countries apply to join BRICS

Treasury Secretary: Expect a decline in the dollar as Reserve Currency

Egypt to trade in local currencies with BRICS

Forum for Peace, Cooperation and Greater Economic Progress

Asian Clearing Union to adopt SWIFT alternative

Speeding up the BRICS - SCO payment system

Independent Financial System planned by Russia and the Islamic world

BRICS, EAEU & SCO alliance

BRICS Common Currency report

Debt relief for middle-income countries

Basel IV Regulations Impact for Banking Industry

The long awaited Gold Standard is here

Unrestricted cross-border payment system introduced by Russia

Zimbabwe introduces new digital currency backed by gold

Russia is increasing its reserves with safe assets

Digital Currency Backed by Gold Bill in Texas


Developing the BRICS currency

Saudi Arabia joins SCO

The big switch to yuan and National Currencies

Putin, Xi To Sign a 'New Era' Declaration

Zimbabwe interested in SWIFT alternatives

Historic Investments in Economic Growth

US treasury dollar on the US Debt Clock

Precious Metals as Money Moving Forward

CEO of SVB exits the board of FED

BIS invites comments on ISO 20022 harmonisation proposals

Islamic finance embraces fintech with gold-backed debit card

Global political, economic, and financial restructuring

Gold and Rubles Exchanged in Digital Form

Russian Gold-backed Stablecoin Confirmed

BRICS common currency

BRICS to create fairer payment mechanism

Saudi Arabia Open to Talks on Trade in Currencies Besides Dollar

Iran, Russia planing the token of the Persian Gulf backed by gold

The new Petro-Gold-Yuan system

The Central Bank of China Extends Gold Buying

Former FED chairman: gold is currency

Russia issued Gold-Backed Crypto Coins

Indian Sovereign Gold Bonds

More fair global governance

The Petro-yuan announcement

SpaceX Developing Military Version Of Starlink Satellites

The Gold Standard Restoration Act in the House

Saudi Arabia to host China-Arab summit during Xi visit

Putin urges for an international independent Digital Payment System

Zimbabwe to join BRICS

Ghana plans to buy oil with gold rather than dollars

Gold's Central Bank Buying and Possible Revaluation

Russia, China switch to national currencies

Economists Discuss Russia, China Developing Gold-Backed Currency

Xi Jinping to Visit Saudi Arabia before the end of the year

Dutch Central Bank Preparing for the Gold Standard

Central banks bought a record amount of gold

Russia supports Saudi Arabia membership in BRICS

Loan relief for U.S. farmers has begun

Saudi Arabia wants to join BRICS

Zimbabwe is engaged to clear IFI debt

The FED announces a new upgraded system

Gold Standard Bill re-introduced

Delaware Supreme Court finds vote by mail, same-day registration unconstitutional

China trials cross-border settlement involving CBDC

Yuan and ruble to replace dollar in Pakistan

Iraq is working on issuing a digital currency and deleting zeros from the dinar

Russia to use digital ruble in settlements with China

Zimbabwe ready to dump US dollar

Saudi Arabia ready for SCO

Rupee-Riyal trade, UPI payment system

Iran and Egypt signed a memorandum to join SCO

Turkey seeks to become full SCO member

Russia to continue Mir bankcard expansion

SCO to expand trade in national currencies

China astounding Gold reserves to be revealed in CDBC announcement

The Nilar Gold Currency, the key to African development

China is emerging as IMF competitor

An Asian Bretton Woods is suggested

Polyus gold miner to switch the currency to rubles

Danske Bank forgives debts for 90,000 customers

Russia is working on stablecoin pegged to gold

The End of the Dollar Empire

A new global financial system

Eurasian alliance plans its own gold standard

Egypt is expected to join BRICS

Vatican entities to move all funds to Vatican ASAP

The World toward a multi-currency system

China increased Russian gold import

China imports gold to revive an economy

Qatar boosted gold reserves to record levels

Mutual payment systems recognition for Russia and India

Student debt relief announcement

China will forgive 23 loans for 17 African nations

The Golden Jubilee and the return to gold standard

Russia Proposes New Standard for precious metals market

Satellite Communications transferred to Space Force

RBZ will issue small gold coins for public

Cuba considers joining the BRICS

Gold's role in the Global Monetary Reset

Zimbabwe to issue more gold coins

Principles of BRICS expansion

Bank Of England: Cash Is Trash

Challenging The G7

More BRICS and Bretton Woods 3

Turkey, warehouse and bridge for metals trade to Russia

Iraq rose in the top of gold reserves

The Reserve Bank of India has increased its gold reserve

Turkey adopted Russia's Mir cards

US Jobs Data could Trouble the Market

Central banks are buying gold

Discussions on Turkey's entry into BRICS

Zimbabwe will introduce gold coins

BRICS plus for a multi-polar order

Gold demand as a store of value

Lebanon Cancels Central Bank Debts, Which is next?

BRICS commission on space cooperation

BRICS expansion to a global community of security

The largest Tax Relief Package in Florida

Chinese, Russian payment systems consultations

Starlink is awesome for RV

Gold Standard on Kremlin Desk

Introducing the new global financial system

Russia calls on BRICS for economic integration

Government documents from 2014 refer to XRP

The Gold Standard Monetary Reset

Russia, Iran to develop alternative to SWIFT

Multichain integrates XRP Ledger

International banking alliance using Ripple

Banks Are Restocking Gold

Ripple partner Nium takes on SWIFT

RippleNet Listed as Direct Alternative to SWIFT

Gold Standard Act Approved on March 14, 1900

India Is Mulling Rupee-Ruble Payments System

Central banks gold reserves switch

Countries Repatriating their Gold

Defcon Level Warning System: Returning To Gold Standard

Russia will abolish the VAT (tax) on bullion

US Sanctions Risking systemic collapse

BRICS Alternatives to SWIFT

The financial system is changing right now

Gold is the Real Safe Haven Asset

Quantum computers will revolutionize financial services

Corrupt Systems Implosion

Gold revaluation to write off the debt

The return of Pluto, US spiritual makeover

Israel signs security memorandum with Bahrain

New Bills Filled with Real Gold

A Dying Fiat System and Precious Metals

Treating gold and silver as money

Russia plans a digital golden ruble

SpaceX launched another 49 Starlink satellites

ISO20022, QFS, Crypto brand new tutorial

Jupiter and Uranus, very rare align in conjunction

State of the Union speech delayed to March

The American Bankers Association confirmed ISO20022 migration

Atomic race joint statement

The silence of the Stock Market Crash

Basel III and the Gold Standard

Iraq to Regain Control of Its Own currency

ISO 20022 migration launched

Quantum Space Force

Trump middle-class tax cuts benefit confirmed

Experimental Tesla Tower in Texas confirmed

We are Headed to a Global Financial Reset

SLD 45 & SpaceX Starlink launch

Farsight Quantum Voting solution to Protect Election Integrity

Governments hate gold

What Is Fiat Money?

Trump: Wonderful future lies ahead

The Quantum Revolution

The longest partial lunar eclipse of the century next week

Space Force launches Orbital Prime program

Ripple Swell event 2021

ISO 20022 implementation for Fedwire Funds Service

Biden cited Republicans: Trump is still President

Central banks chiefs out

Space Force Supra Coders

Gold has the historic value

ISO 20022 migration. The Ripple effect strikes the Pound

Q phones are coming. Say goodbye to old phones

Operation Starfall. New Internet?

President Pro Tempore Emeritus Grassley

White House lit in Gold. Think 50 Year Anniversary

Ripple effect. Ripple Partners with biggest Central Banks

FED will adopt ISO 20022 message format

Investors should prepare for more wealth destruction

Government shutdown averted through December

Satellites transferred to Space Force by October

Trump: We will end the radicalism in Washington DC

FED Rigged the Game... And, they got caught

Game (over) of thrones

Surrender deal reached? No more false flags

Gold rises despite global stocks tumble

US Patent for Quantum computing in business problems

Quantum computing development

Black Swan recent Event

September 10: EO13848 expiration day

Declaration for Global Peace and Prosperity

What is Quantum Internet

FinX tap into the QFS via Stellar

New Financial System

Gold Is Going To Be The New Global Currency

Trump Calls on Biden to Resign

What is the devolution?

Nikola Tesla And Trump Connections. Coincidences or time travel?

Gold and Silver benefit from FED policy, inflation

Trump: Ready to release suppressed technologies

Donald Trump: 1776, not 1619

Banks in Big Trouble. Seismic events on the horizon

Pearl Harbor 2021. Cyber version

The old system is taken over by NESARA?

Happy birthday, mister President!

Trump surrounded by 1776 flags

Med Beds Tech

The cyber-war for GESARA

All Joint Chiefs of Staff appointed by Trump still in position

Gold is the future as inflation coming in hot

Richard Grenell listed as president

White House is green. The endgame

Dan Scavino tweets

Birth certificates and Sight Drafts myth


QFS The Quantum Financial System

Your taxes, debts, investments

Trump vows Greatness in the months ahead

Gold standard the final solution globally

The history of NESARA

Gold rush. Welcome to the era of gold!

What is a silver short squeeze?

NESARA is Happening

Governments resign worldwide. Fall of Empire

Giant Voice of America

Emergency Alert System reminder

Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act signed into law

FED Audit. HR24 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act

The STORM Act signed into law

Happy New Year and New World!

XRP bombed. Could Ripple Replace SWIFT?

NESARA items in Trump statements, emails

Fiat destruction. Crypto or gold?

NESARA war. RV explosion on Commerce St.

Golden Christmas to You!

BIG details are going to be revealed

EO Promoting Redemption of Savings Bonds

Quantum computing finance shining in the Wall Street

US Space Force the Guardians of QFS?

TRUMPSARA: The Great Awakening?

Astrological Timeline for NESARA Victory

10 Days to Remember. Our New Age

FISA START and gold backed vaccines

Countries normalizing relations with Israel

The world awaits the leader of the free world

NESARA encoded in executive order

WH fires 9 Defense Business Board members, installs loyalists

Waller confirmed to Fed Board. WH supports Shelton

Kennedy half dollar and golden decoration at WH Xmas

Time for martial law?

Biblical conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21

What is Section 230 which Trumps wants terminated?

Trump Purges 11 Leading Advisors From Defense Policy Board

Panic! Donald Trump retweeted the Kraken description

The Kraken is a Cray XT5 supercomputer to Break Petascale

NESARA Dawn of the Golden Age

Trump plans troops global pullback

Drain the path for NESARA. Notable Chairs on fire

Executive Order related to NESARA

Trump nominee Judy Shelton to pass Senate next week

Zero Point Energy Declassification

New Defense Secretary on quick removal of US troops in Afghanistan

NESARA could be announced to fix the Defunct US Inc.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

EO Imposing Sanctions in Foreign Interference in a US Election

A new gold standard is coming

Best Stimulus Package

The October 2020 Full Blue Moon, a higher consciousness

G-20 Plans Extraordinary Meeting to Discuss Debt Relief

A comprehensive guide to Precious Metals

NESARA/GESARA weekly round-up

Welcome to quantum computing era FED

Gold Treaty accomplished as banks to fail

WH Petition to Release SWISSINDO, NESARA, GESARA Gold

American Sovereignty Restoration Bill

US Mint increases prices on silver products

IMF, World Bank annual meetings on economic development

WH is launching Quantum Information Science official website

Huge NESARA vows in Trumps tweets

TR-3B USAF experimental anti-gravity craft. Proofs

Ripple Patent and Standard Outshines Swift

SWIFT plans new service, Digital EURO on the horizon

Syria in secret negotiations with Israel for peace deal

Supreme Court justice to serve the American people

Tesla BioHealing Beds

GESARA hints in Trumps speech at UN General Assembly

Prepaid Debit Cards, Digital Dollars To Each American

The end of monarchy

Global currency debasement

The FEDs independence Days Are Numbered

Gold operates as money without states or bankers

Dollar standard rejected in the era of gold

Such a beautiful message of peace

Fed policies will be rocket fuel for gold and silver

Millions back to UK taxpayer

Trump:The biggest thing that nobody knows about on January 1st

Gold & Silver Will Be Unstoppable

Reducing record debt, priority for Trump

Gold is real money, store of value, alternative to cash

White House was lit gold

Trump announces historic deal between Serbia and Kosovo

Central bankers are losing the war on gold

Gold Is the Most Stable Currency

Sound Money Is Defending Liberties

Gold Standard imminent

First Manned Flying Car

Star Trek-like Replicator prints 3D objects

White House illuminated in purple and gold

Currency Revaluation RV

JFKs Executive Order 11110 to Abolish the FED

Russia China will lead the world to gold standard

Central Banks lost control! Gold currency trust

White House announces $1B for AI, quantum mechanics

Germany Basic Income of $1,400 every month experiment

World Bank President:China needs to participate in debt relief

Federal Student Loan Payments Officially Suspended

Quantum Banking System, quantum-grammar construct

The largest tax and regulation cuts in history

Central Bank digital currencies Competition

World Bank Looking to Trim Poor Nations Debt

Why is gold valuable?

The last bastion. President Xi Purges Chinas deep state

Notable Resignations Worldwide Updated

Banking for All Act

Coin shortage hits retailers, laundromats, tooth fairy

Australia closer to a cashless society

Patent for Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System

What is the Rainbow Currency?

What is Sound Money? Monetary reset

Congressional Sound Money Caucus

Fed testing FooWire blockchain with Hyperledger

Joint Declaration of Support for Democratic Change in Venezuela

Trump: Things are happening that I cant talk about

Trump established Israel and UAE peace

FedNow Approved. Interoperability with private-sector ASAP

NESARA law implementation stage by Trump

Craft using an inertial mass reduction device Patent US10144532B2

High frequency gravitational wave generator Patent US10322827B2

Trump is seriously considering a capital gains tax cut

Trump plans to make permanent cut to payroll tax if reelected

The Bank of England closed, fire in WTC Brussels

Judy Shelton is Right About the Gold Standard

He did it! NESARA in Executive orders and bills

Payroll tax holiday

WH can take executive action on the stimulus anyway

FedNow alongside private sector Service

Trump is enacting NESARA sections by executive orders

Ripple and SWIFT on one platform

The largest package of tax cuts

Payroll Tax Cut

Next generation supersonic jet

Antiwar Measures From NDAA

Suppressed technologies patents pending release

EO to Lower Drug Costs and Ensure Life-saving Medications

US Mint Temporarily Closes, new coin images

Switching to gold standard

National coin shortage getting worse

Trump disappointed in blocking benefits

Queen Elizabeth Joseph Gregory Hallett contest?

President Trump Is Protecting Vulnerable Seniors

PPP Loan Forgiveness Procedures

Gold Rush to Dump U.S Debt

Google Gesara interest over times

The Upside In Gold Is Unlimited

Quantum computing to crack cryptocurrency in 8 years

U.S. Department of Energy unveils the Quantum Internet

Gold, Silver is value. Fiat currencies losing power

Triangular spacecraft patent

Full body teleportation system patent

Quantum information science to change the world

Judy Shelton Restoring Order to the Global Currency System

Ripple XRP - Gold standard

Debt Jubilee by Trump pick to lead World Bank

EO on the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee

VISA & Currencycloud with Ripple on cross-border payments

USA Is Going Back To The Bill Of Rights And The Constitution

Donald Trump back to the gold standard

Fintech and XRP Support in US GOV Register New Rule

The Birth of a New Currency by Ron Paul

A Monetary System as Good as Gold

Russia, China, and India to put in place Nesara and Gesara

Gold standard strategy and the collapse of dollar

The two US Constitutions

Petition at W.H. to help the Germans to free from Merkel

Gold To Return As Reserve Currency

Bank Collapse In China! Preparing For Cut Off From SWIFT

Judy Shelton for Fed board, return to the gold standard

Arca first SEC regulated fund Ethereum based

Economic security is national security

Global Humanitarian Overview

NESARA purposes in Donald Trump Inauguration Speech

What is Special Drawing Right (SDR)

New Dollar Backed by Gold Coming This October 2020?

What is the Gold Standard

Debts going down, Gold rate up

A Financial System by Nonbank Financials, Fintech, and Innovation

The July 4th full buck moon and penumbral eclipse

Donald Trump is ending endless war

National coin shortage

No gold fringe on US flags, a State of Peace

Gold standard announcement

President Donald Trump "All Currencies will be on an Even Level Playing Field"

The IRS owned America, including the people

H.R.25, A bill to repeal the income tax

SWISSINDO cult claims return of $6m gold share for each of 7.6 billion people

PayPal, Venmo to Roll Out Crypto Buying and Selling

Amazing new US Dollar Concept design

The Solar Eclipse on June is a New Moon Eclipse. New Earth Era

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn 2020

Trump Tower famous escalator Currency Exchange

Transition to Greatness on RV. Great American Comeback!

"How" Will Be Presented the Biblical Times?

Federal Reserve Endorses Ethereum-Backed Alternative To Libor

Quantum Financial System QFS and the BlockChain

Cryptocurrencies backed by gold and shares

IRS Closing, Trump proposes eliminating payroll tax

Biblical Nephilim giants around Trump?

Petition to Announce and Implement NESARA act passed under Obama administration

GESARA cryptocurrency? Your Everyday Money - YEM and Digital Yuan on blockchain

President Trump RV hints at Rose Garden news conference

Alleged Top Secret documents about GCR

God wins. It's going to be Biblical!

Swiss Banks Launch Cryptocurrency Trading and Custody After Gaining Regulatory Approval

Top SECRET! Name code GESARA. The declaration of independence of the world

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Ripple's Xumm Banking App Will Soon Be Ready for Mass Adoption

Petition to Enact NESARA Now For All Of Humanity

Trump's Fed Nominee Advocates a Gold-Backed Currency, Even a Crypto One

Scientist Behind The Navy's "UFO Patents" Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor

Quantum-Language saved the world in 1999

Global Monetary System, As You Know It, Ended. Coming Gold Rush Will Be Epic

Space Force flag unveiled in Oval Office, presented to Trump

Visa Files Patent For Blockchain Digital Fiat Currency

Cryptocurrency Market Reactions to Regulatory News

IMF Debt forgiveness for 25 poorest countries

Welcome to Blockchain, Federal Reserve!

Gold price up as Fed begins historic ETF purchase program

Crop circles are models for generating free energy

Cosmic gravitational energy antigravity flying saucer patent

Queen may never return to royal duties

Countries With Largest Gold Reserves. Philippines number one

Trump vows 'transition to greatness' in meeting with GOP lawmakers

Crypto-Currency Act of 2020

Quantum vacuum free energy extraction patent

XRP the Ripple force in the Federal Reserve projects

Ripple XRP joins ISO 20022 The Global Payment Standard

The return to the golden age. The gold standard will rise again

Congress letter to encourage the Treasury to utilize blockchain and DLT

H.R.5404, a bill to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold

China testing digital yuan in four cities

Patent WO2020060606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data

President Donald J. Trump is Establishing America's Space Force

Fed to print 9.5 trillion and buy all the gold in the world

CEOs resigning conspiracy theory

Donald Trump nationalized the Federal Reserve?

Executive Order on Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

Trump is meeting with an ex-bank CEO


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